Tuesday, 30 March 2010

An insult so good I almost appreciate it.

Millionaire on the phone, growing increasingly exasperated with me telling him that we will not re-fix his doorknob, that we manage the communal aspects of the building and nothing in specific flats.

"Look you... put me through to your manager."
"I'm sorry sir, she's on another call right now... but she won't be able to advise you any differently... under the terms of your lease-"
"This is ridiculous. I'm sick of talking to the monkey... put me through to the organ grinder."
"... ... ..."


  1. Oh my, did someone actually say that to you? Unbelieveable classic!

  2. Yup. And I didn't say anything, I was literally struck dumb. And then was gripped with indecision... Desperately wanted to be snarky but he could have been the Prince of somewhere!! So just stuttered that if he left a contact number I could get my manager to ring him back when she was avaliable but he (thankfully) hung up on me before I even got the sentence out...