Thursday, 1 April 2010


Last night I added a load of albums to my iTunes, but couldn't be bothered to sit there and take songs off my 6gb Nano to make space for them... So I dug out my old 40gb iPod Classic and quickly updated it.

This morning, waiting on the tube platform, I pulled my iPod from my bag and started to untangle the earphones. Middleaged man I have never seen before in my life smiled at me and asked, 'Where's your little purple one this morning?'

... ... weird.

Well, weird that he's probably there every morning and obviously WATCHES ME go about my daily commuting business without me noticing.

And speaking of commuting, I would just like to say a big fuck off to all the people who got on the Northern Line during rush hour today with massive suitcases. Yes, you're fantastically lucky to be going on holiday over the long weekend... and I'm not jealous or bitter at all, oh no... my beef is that you could fit about 3.5 Erins into the space you and your luggage are taking up, but did you have to pay for three travelcards? I doubt it.

Rarghhh commuter raaaaaage!!!

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