Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What's in a name?

Woman on phone rings up and says she is tracing a person who died in one of our blocks 11 years ago. I politely tell her that we have only managed that particular property since 2008 and so wouldn't have any information, but even if we did, I couldn't just give it out over the phone... She tries to reason with me for ages, and in the end I give her my email address and tell her to submit a request for more information in writing... After I do, she closes the conversation:

"I'm sorry... this might be a bit of an impertinent question but... how do you live with a surname like that??"
"... ... I'm sorry?"
"Your surname, it's dreadful! Is it your married name?"
"Er... no, maiden..."
"Oh that's okay then... better get married off quick. Thanks for your help."

No joke, she was totally serious the whole way through... not a hint of teasing or mischeiviousous. She was an old posh battleaxe and my surname genuinely distressed her.


1 comment:

  1. Huh?! It's not bad at all! What's wrong with it??!! It's not like it's a dodgy word or anything! o.O That's hilarious in a very odd way!

    Also, deed polls clearly do not exist in her world. ;) YOU MUST MARRY!